Determination of effect of the number of layers of cotton reinforcing fibers in Plaster of paris composite laminate

A. Johnson1,    G. Shankaraiah2.

                                                                                         1 & 2 KITS, singapur, Huzurabad ,Karimnagar,



plaster of Paris is used in making the composite material, which can be used as thermal insulator and decorative interiors. The false ceiling, roofing for decoration is mostly done by POP, for installation of Air conditioning it is one the requirement to have a false ceiling.  The POP is acts like a matrix and a reinforcing fiber may be used to make POP slabs. In this paper it is aimed to find the effect of number of layers of cotton fibers in POP matrix (resin) POP is used as a binding material.




International eJournal of Mathematics and Engineering

Volume 1, Issue 3, Pages:  484 486