The Women Empowerment Through Banking Services

1Rekha Gupta, 2Arvind Dewangan and 3R. K. Mittal.


            Meeting the credit needs of women and help them to set-up their micro enterprises is the best strategy to empower them. The purpose of this is not only to provide benefit & employment to the females but it can also become a source of earning for the banks which serves this purpose. By this their interest income, consumer network and contribution to society will increase.

            Although some specialized programs have been undertaken to facilitate credit towards small businesses for women with more relaxed conditions but the present paper is concerned with providing loans to the women who are illiterate and residing in the backward regions and areas, but who have got the potential of working. They just need the motivation, guidance and one time start up.

            Form the banks point of view it is totally safe to provide loans to such areas because defaults mostly happens in small & big businesses, but it is a tiny business and females are more hardworking & aware about repayment of loan. There is no evidence that women are riskier than men. Even females are ready to pay more charges for bank services either overdraft or discounting or cash credit etc.

            The scope of funding of this loan is rural areas where there are very few employment opportunities and work is casual and seasonal laborer in agriculture and construction where ladies may not get the option. Studies have proved that women borrowers make productive use of credit for self employed self farms and recovery of loans for banks to such community is easier as compared to men.

Keywords: 1 Banks 2. Women employment 3. Defaults 4. Returns 5. Women empowerment.

Sub-Area:   Banking Sector

Broad Area:     Management






International eJournal of Mathematics and Engineering

Volume 1, Issue 4, Pages: 679 684