Survey Of Natural Resources By Remote Sensing Technique

Arvind Dewangan1, Manik Goyal2


            Aerial Remote Sensing Photography has been defined as the science of taking a photograph from a point from the satellite for the purpose of making some type of the study of the surface of the earth. In the field of Physical & Geological features, the use of remote sensing aerial photographs has been proved to be of immense help. This paper reveals that remote sensing by Radar is a type of active sensor which depends upon man made source of electromagnetic radiation. A beam of radiation is directed towards the object. The Radar imagery is obtained by collecting and measuring the reflection of pulses sent out from air-craft or satellite. The cost determination will depend on the number of aerial photographs required to cover the area. This estimation is rather simple but one should understand clearly an aerial coverage of different scales.

Key Words: -1.Reconnaissance 2.Aerial Remote Sensing Photography 3.Mineral 4. Airborne 5. Microwave 6.Electromagnetic radiation.

Sub-Area:       Remote Sensing Technology

Broad–Area: Applied Geology Engineering.





International eJournal of Mathematics and Engineering

Volume 2, Issue 1, Pages:  741 – 746