Analyzing The Requirements For Text Classification

T.V.Surya Narayana, M. Ambika

 TEC, Anumarllapudi, Guntur.

 CSE Department, PITS., Jaggayapet.




At present days the Globalization is playing the main role in all areas, due to high availability of computing facilities, so that converting the large amount of data in electronic forms. The data created is to be analyzed, for maximize the benefits, to make intelligent decisions. If the data can place in a systematic way, as structured form then a large amount of work in analyzing such structured data exists. But in case of textual data as unstructured, the need to analyze such data has become inevitable. This paper explores the methods in analyzing the unstructured data.

Key words: Flat classification, Hierarchical Classification, Hard and soft       Classification, (TC) Text Categorization


International eJournal of Mathematics and Engineering

Volume 2, Issue 3, Pages:  1023 - 1029