Sintering Properties Of Al-15% Graphite Composite

K. Saisarath  1, P. Jaya raju  2 , T. Raja rao  3

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The sintering activity that will be described in this paper was developed to be part of a materials and manufacturing course that currently has a well organized series of laboratory activities. However, it is often useful to have another experiment that can be included to update the standard set of experiments. The sintering process used 99.9 %  pure Aluminum powder with a mixture of pure graphite powder  compacted  specimens with  length to diameter ratio almost equals to unity.  

 The  main objective of this present work is to determine physical and mechanical properties of the proposed aluminum graphite composites. To investigate and analyses the micro structure samples and characteristics of the aluminum metal matrix composites by using an optical microscope. The sintering temperatures adopted are 500*c , 530*c , 560*c  and 590* c  respectively. The holding time is varied as 45min, 1.5 hrs, i.e., at each of the sintering temperatures different batches of samples are held for different lengths of time. Finally sintered specimens were tested  to achieve better properties and the properties were clearly listed in results and discussions.

Keywords: sintering, manufacturing, powder compacted specimens, temperature.



International eJournal of Mathematics and Engineering

Volume 2, Issue 4, Pages: 1220 - 1224