Analysis of tool allocation policies in FMS: A simulation approach

N. Selvaraj

Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, National  Institute of Technology, Warangal 506 004, A.P., INDIA. E-mail:



This paper focuses on simulation based study of tool allocation approaches in the view of mean flow time, mean tardiness and machine utilization. From the out put results the part type selection procedures have been suggested for the Flexible manufacturing system (FMS) prerelease planning problem. However, evaluation of the part type selection procedures across different tool allocation approaches is done. This work further studied insights on what tool allocation approaches are appropriate when processing different mixes of part types. Three tool allocation approaches, three production scheduling rules, and three levels of part mix are evaluated thoroughly using Flexsim [12] simulation software in FMS. The specific impacts of the tool approaches, their interaction effects with the part type selection rules, and their effectiveness at different part type mix levels are provided through the use of a regression meta-model. The meta-model is used for generalization of simulation results and to decide which tool allocation approach aims at full utilization of the tool magazine capacity, minimizes frequency of tool changes.

Keywords: FMS, Flexsim, Meta-model, Heuristics procedure and Performance measures.



International eJournal of Mathematics and Engineering

Volume 2, Issue 4, Pages:  1313 - 1321