Diffusion of Interacting Marine Species In Ocean


V.P. Saxena*, Neeta Mazumdar**


* V.P. Saxena, Director, Sagar Institute of Research, Technology and Science, Bhopal-462041, India. E-mail id: vinodpsaxena@gmail.com

** Ms.Neeta Mazumdar, Associate professor, Rosary College of Commerce and arts, Navelim, Salcette, Goa, India. E-mail id: neetam53@rediffmail.com




In this paper, the model deals with competition in populations which diffuse in a circular bounded area. Migration of interacting marine animal species in ocean is considered. Pseudo Analytic Finite Partition Method (PAFPM) has been employed to find out the approximate solution of the dispersion problem in the non-homogeneous region. A two dimensional circular region is considered. For angular direction the Fourier series has been used assuming angular uniformity in each part. After numerical verification graphs are plotted between  the angle  and population density of species for constant time.


Key words:


    Discretisation, diffusion, Euler -Lagrange’s equation,  intrinsic growth, Fourier series, parabolic variation, perturbation, Pseudo Analytic Finite Partition Method, Ritz Finite Element Method,  variational form AMS Mathematics subject classification: 92D25,35K55






International eJournal of Mathematics and Engineering

Volume 1, Issue 1I, Pages:191-202