Solution Of Flow Problems By Stability 

Dinesh Verma1, Er. Vineet Gupta2, Er. Arvind Dewangan3

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      We have physical situation of which an equivalent mathematical model is constructed. We solve this mathematical model and obtained; a solution there two main techniques of solving a stability problem namely normal mode technique and the energy method. The normal mode technique is the most important technique that was widely being used so far and is also being successfully used in now a days in the leaner theory of stability. The normal mode technique essentially consists in expressing an arbitrary disturbances as a super position of certain basic mode called the normal mode. Stability of the system is the examined with respect to these modes. Since the principle of super position hold in case of linear theory of stability, the stability analysis for each mode can be made separately. In this process the perturbation are resolved in to dynamically independent wave like components satisfying the linearised equations and the boundary conditions of problems. Further the suitable set of normal modes must be complete for such an expansion to be possible.

      Key words:-

     1.Stability 2.Normal mode 3.Perturbation 4.Flow 5.Fluid

     Subarea :- Fluid mechanics

     Broadarea:- Mathematics  



International eJournal of Mathematics and Engineering

Volume 1, Issue 1I, Pages 174-179