On the Stability of Harvested Commensal–Host Species pair with Limited resources

N. Phani Kumar1 and N. Ch. Pattabhiramacharyulu2

1. Department of Humanities & Sciences, Faculty in Mathematics, Malla Reddy Engineering College, Secunderabad – 500 014. India.

2. Department of Mathematics & Humanities, Former Faculty, National Institute of Technology, Warangal – 506 004, India.


        In this paper, we consider a commensal –host model with the commensal harvested at a constant rate. Further both the commensal and host species are with limited resources. The model is characterized by couple of first order non-linear ordinary differential equations. In all six equilibrium points for the model are identified and their stability criteria are discussed.

Keywords: commensal, host, harvesting, Equilibrium points, Normal Steady state, stability, threshold diagrams.


International eJournal of Mathematics and Engineering

Volume 1, Issue 2, Pages :  262 - 272